Timeless’ original cotton webbing now on all size Burden Cloths.

What the heck is a Burden Cloth?

The Burden Cloth™ is a gathering and carrying tool—folks have carried stuff in a old piece of cloth (or leather, or hide, or…) since time began. Timeless takes sturdy cloth (remnant whenever possible), reinforces the edges, adds handles all in one with the edging—tt’s still just a piece of cloth, but it’s stronger, lasts longer, walks lighter, and is easier to use for a great many garden and household tasks.

carol-BCdemo-col-wideIn 2001, Rodale’s Organic Gardening magazine named the Burden Cloth “One of 50 Tools We Can’t Live Without.” Further, in 2009, the non-profit customer-review web site Cool Tools reviewed it in glowing terms.

The images above show our founder, Carol Jacobs, demonstrating the use of  a Burden Cloth for weeding—its original purpose. In the 1990s, she demonstrated in photos on which these drawings are based. The whole purpose of the Burden Cloth is to make one’s chores easier & quicker to complete.

 Herbs want to help…

Healing Herbals are Timeless’  second-generation products. Healing herbals you apply where it hurts are hand made from whole dry herbs and organic media (oil or vinegar). Carol herself used Green Comfort™ throughout Timeless Enterprises’ existence—and no one knew she had an age spot larger than a quarter in the center of her forehead, because mostly she didn’t. Long before that, Carol used Green Comfort for its original purpose, to heal bruises and sprains.

Founded in the late 1980s by Carol Jacobs (inventor of the Burden Cloth™) as Timeless Enterprises, Timeless & Daughters is a both a crafters’ microbusiness and a memorial to Carol. We continue as Timeless & Daughters, relocated to Washington state at the start of 2013.

Timeless & Daughters      P.O. Box 118, Pe Ell, WA 98572        360-245-3912
Pe Ell Hotel Candle Light Inn  311 Main St. (a.k.a. highway SR 6) 25 miles west of I-5 Chehalis