Winners—“Tales of a Burden Cloth” contest!
winners of theRachelleADforBurdenCloth-contest.png contest.

Top entry came from Rachelle Ambrose, who created this picture. Excellently done, and we applaud her creativity!

Rachelle abdicated any need for the prize—a ~4×4 Home & Garden Burden Cloth. (She uses the two Patio size ones shown in her pic.)

So the winner of the prize is Jennie Dishotsky for the following classy entry, our second place entry:

“I was sad at first when I realized it [the Burden Cloth] wasn’t being offered on the Bountiful Gardens website. Something made me think, “perhaps I can find it online…” Indeed, on the website was the whole story of how it came to be created and why it is still one of the best old style garden helpers. My favorite moment is when one of the young gardeners who helps us create and maintain our organic garden, chooses the Burden Cloth whenever he can, instead of a plastic can. Mine has holes in it, but still functions well. In the spirit of the stories, I am ordering an extra one to give to this young fellow. I know he will be delighted.

Thank you for all the stories and the spirit you bring to the community!”

Jennie’s prize is long shipped. We thank everyone who made the contest a success.

Honorable mention goes to Hilary Bartle.Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 12.31.54 PM