Like the Burden Cloth, these herbal remedies been in use for many years before being made into products for sale. Our herbals are made from whole dried herbs; the herbs used are permacultured, grown organically, or responsibly wildcrafted. The organic base for each herbal preparation is selected to improve the quality and effectiveness of that herbal.

  • Green Comfort bruise & sprain salve — speeds healing of soft-tissue injuries: bruises, strains, or sprains, aids healing of broken bones and crush injuries, reduces scarring old & new, relieves shingles outbreaks, clears age spots, heals allergic eczema rash & blisters …
  • HerbaLiniment rub— for chronic pain, arthritis pain, nerve pain, muscle cramp, deep-tissue massag. Users include arthritis sufferers, neuralgia sufferers, MS patients, people with replacement joints, …
  • UnBurn Gold spray—for rapid relief of burn pain together with healing support: sunburn, kitchen burns, steam burns, woodstove burns, windburn …
  • MindSoothe balm—relieves many migraines, reduces frequency & severity of periodic migraines, clears tension headaches, eases stress headaches …

Our Happy Customers

  • “The Green Comfort was our go-to salve. It is nice to have a product that takes care of so many problems at once. The Unburn Gold was most popular in the summer but we served several burn victims that walked away happily clutching a bottle of your liquid magic. I could tell so many stories about how the HerbaLiniment blessed the unhoused. Imagine being a 60-year-old vet sleeping night after night on the pavement with only a thin blanket. Our medical staff have become herbal medicine fans. Even our “herbs don’t work” emergency room doc is impressed.” — Sue Sierralupe, Clinic Manager, Eugene, OR
  • “Look at my hands! No rash, no blisters, nothing! Green Comfort is clearing my allergic eczema, when the only Rx med for it is something I can only take once or twice a month because of its side effects. This is so much better… M.B., Tacoma, WA
  • Green Comfort is wonderstuff! My mother’s accident gave her crush injuries and even weeks later Green Comfort helped a lot.” — Iris, Jacksonville, FL
  • “I sprained my ankle horribly, used Green Comfort for first aid before Dr. Zinc took x-rays; when she unwrapped it a week later, she gasped and asked me what I was using on it.” — June, Tucson, AZ
  • “Gran had an big age spot on her forehead for 20 years but Green Comfort made it disappear for months at time.” — R.P., Santa Monica, CA
  • MindSoothe changed my life. My migraines jeopardized my job, made life miserable. Five years ago I tested it at Saturday Market, and the pain cleared while I stood buying some. I carry it with me everywhere.” — Sophia, Eugene, OR
  • HerbaLiniment relieves the pain in my replacement knee. Green Comfort helps, but HerbaLiniment makes it go away entirely.” — J.H., Eugene, OR
  • “I use HerbaLiniment on my hip. I’m getting a replacement hip but until then HerbaLiniment keeps me comfortable and walking.” — Judy, Eugene, OR
  • “I have multiple sclerosis (MS), and suffer from painful muscle spasms. At Holiday Market, I passed the Timeless booth while my forearm was locked up, and tried the HerbaLiniment as an experiment. It relieved both the pain and the cramp, and I went right back in a few minutes and bought it!!” — anonymous, San Jose, CA
  • UnBurn Gold is great; I work in food service and get burns from the steam tables, so I keep a bottle in my locker.” — Nicky, Eugene, OR
  • “I’m a blacksmith, and cook for my entire household. I always buy two bottles of UnBurn Gold at a time: one for the forge, and one for the kitchen.” C.H. Eugene, OR
  • “My daughter looked like a lobster after the outdoor concert; UnBurn Gold let her sleep, and she didn’t even peel. I keep a bottle in the fridge to spray on the grandkids for when they get too much sun.” — J.M., Tuscon, AZ
  • “I burned my forearm on a red-hot wood-stove during an overnight freezing spell last winter. I keep UnBurn Gold next to the stove, so I sprayed it thoroughly. It took half an hour to stop hurting enough to let me sleep, and I woke up a couple of hours later and had to do it again. Two applications and …but in the morning after another application, the pain was gone. The whole area would be scar-free except I forgot I was burned, and scraped the place the next day—the only scar on the whole forearm. —R.A., Lewis County, WA
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